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Millennium Dental offers a comprehensive range of dental and cosmetic treatments. Our friendly and experienced dental team provide general dentistry, preventative, restorative, orthodontic (teeth straightening) and cosmetic dental treatments for the whole family.

I am looking for a better smile

Cosmetic dentistry is treatment focused on improving the appearance of your teeth. Based on your specific needs, we can straighten, reshape, lighten and repair teeth. We believe Cosmetic dentistry should always be "minimally invasive" and aim to produce the most natural-looking results.

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I am looking to straighten my teeth

With continuous advances in technology, orthodontic treatment for adults is becoming more popular. The traditional ‘train-track’ metal braces are no longer the only choice for straightening teeth. You can now choose a more modern, more efficient and more discreet brace system to achieve the smile you want.

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I want to replace my missing teeth

Missing teeth not only affect your confidence but also affect your ability to chew and enjoy food. Natural teeth can be missing for a variety of reasons such as tooth decay, injury or gum disease.

A dental implant is designed to replace missing teeth by placing a titanium post carefully into the jaw to mimic the function of the tooth root. A crown is then fitted to the titanium post. Multiple teeth can be replaced by placing several implants and attaching a bridge or denture.  All options give the appearance of natural teeth and help to restore chewing function.

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I want a brighter smile

Teeth Whitening is a quick and effective cosmetic dental treatment that can make a real difference to the colour of your teeth and the appearance of your smile.

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