Are you a nervous patient?

Are you a little scared of the dental chair? If so, you should be reassured that you are not alone. An estimated 13% of the people in the UK avoid regular dental appointments due to fear. With advances in technology and treatments we believe no one should fear a trip to the dentist.

How we can help if you are a nervous patient

At Millennium Dental we regularly treat anxious patients and understand dental phobia is very common. Whatever your dental fears or concerns, we are here to help and will do all we can to make you feel calmer and more relaxed during your treatment. Going at your pace, we will ensure that you are able to attend appointments with minimum anxiety. We can also provide Conscious sedation if you'd like a little more help or for more complex procedures.

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The conscious sedation offered at Millennium Dental allows our patients a stress free and relaxed visit to the dentist without the need for general anaesthetic or sleep-inducing drugs. We pride ourselves on helping nervous patients maintain healthy teeth. Interested in conscious sedation?

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