Teeth-whitening procedures are widely requested to remove stains caused by ageing, food, and chemicals.

The exterior surface of your teeth- the enamel, can become stained by products such as soda, coffee, tea, wine, natural and artificial food colourings among other things. With ageing, the enamel can wear away and become more vulnerable to staining. Depending on the severity, this can usually be helped by consistent brushing and flossing. Unfortunately, sometimes oral hygiene is simply not enough!

While some over-the-counter whitening toothpaste can make teeth a few shades brighter in a healthy manner, others can degrade your teeth further by wearing away the enamel. They are also only effective on certain type of stains and cannot whiten crowns, bridges or fillings.

Professional-grade whitening performed at our office is considered to be the safest and can last you up to five years depending on your hygiene and diet.